Agglomerate marble


Agglomerate marble - a combination of natural marble grits (95%) and polyester resin (5%). Plate with agglomerate marble has parameters of physical - mechanical related, and often exceeding the parameters of natural stone. Agglomerate marble is more resistant to bending than the natural product. Finished product can be transported even over long distances without worrying about his condition. Agglomerate marble is used everywhere, where the traditionally used natural stone. It is an excellent material for all types of interior finishes. The building is used for the implementation of the window sills, stairs, tiles, and various types of countertops. As a product of natural stone found in a wide and diversified range of colors and the repetition ensures that ordered at a later date, will be delivered in the same color and size. Agglomerate marble decor gives assurance of color standards and offering more comfortable atmosphere.

Agglomerate marble

- absorbs ambient temperature

- is resistant to ultraviolet radiation and moisture

- is not absorbent so there is no staining

-  has high resistance to abrasion, hitting and bending

- a wide selection of colors makes it easy to interior design

- the surface is polished slabs, which facilitates the maintenance of cleanliness and the board retains the shine for a long time

- perfectly imitates the stone parapets

- dimensional stability allows for significant reduce of waste

- is lighter than natural stone that facilitates assembly and transport